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Resource Management

  • Resource Management
    The resources of an organization consist of people, materials, equipment, knowledge and time. Organizations typically have
    limited resources and therefore, tradeoffs on what project resources are expended and when are made every day.
  • Resource Management
    In developing resource plans, there is little chance that the project manager will have all of the necessary resources assigned to the project
    at its start. The fact is when starting a project the details of that project are typically unknown.
    Dealing with the unknowns.

TROPPUS resource management and planning would continue throughout the project life cycle.

Here are some of our Services that would help you decide on TROPPUS:

Planning Resources for the project - Project Scheduling, Infrastructure, Human Resource and Materials required.

Staffing the project - Recruitment, vendor management, HR co-ordination and training.

Project task allocation.

Appraisal of the project staffs.